Let us give you a helping hand when you need it most.

We spend the time to truly understand what you are going through.

We strive to provide as much pain-relief as possible.

We try to give you the tools to help prevent injury & get back on track.

We want to get results, so that you can keep doing what you love.

Laura Malady - osteopath

Laura Malady (osteopath) running the Surf Coast Century at Anglesea.

One of Laura’s great passions is the joy she experiences whilst trail running. Initially, her goal was to run continuously for 20 minutes. This then grew to 5km, then to 10kms and so on. Completing a 50-kilometre ultra-run in 2017 was symbolic for Laura. She understands that positive steps towards change can be made, how to go about it and how to help her patients do the same.

Laura also enjoys spending her time swimming, cycling, hiking & participating in triathlons. She starts most mornings with a daily yoga practice and meditation. This habit has developed over the past 2 years whilst undertaking further studies to become a yoga teacher. From participating in this wide range of activities, Laura has developed a comprehensive understanding of human movement and ways to focus the mind. As a result, Laura is a resilient, positive practitioner who is always present & eager to help.

Xavier Grech (osteopath) exploring the country Laos.

Xavier Grech - osteopath

Each summer holiday whilst growing up, Xavier helped make pool tables for his family company. All of the time spent using his hands has helped him develop some finesse with his hands-on skills as an osteopath. Xavier achieved a high-distinction grade average through his 5-year osteopathy degree and was awarded dux in the final two years.

Xavier keeps very active. He’s been involved in rock climbing, body-weight & weights-training, jiu jitsu, basketball, football, sprinting, trail running & worked as a pilates instructor. Xavier has also previously completed a Bachelor of Psychology. This experience has given Xavier a very inclusive understanding of the way people move, behave and function.

Michelle Dimech - receptionist


Michelle handles phone calls and enquiries, working as an off-site receptionist & clerical aid. Michelle’s skills have been developed from years spent managing numerous small businesses.

Over the past two years Michelle has taken on her most challenging role yet, as a mother. With her husband Adam, they are raising a bright and fun-loving daughter, named Ellie. Michelle enjoys sharing her passion for gardening, cooking and reading with Ellie. She recognises the importance of saving some time for herself, including taking time out for a regular yoga and pilate’s practice.

Michelle’s contribution allows Laura and Xavier to spend more time helping patients & working on their osteopathic skills. We greatly appreciate her contribution to our practice.

We have helped people of all ages and all walks of life.

Irrespective of who you are, we endeavour to provide genuine, professional care to the best of our abilities.





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