We're open again!

Thank you so much for your patience during our closure over the last few months. We did our best to swiftly renovate our clinic at 86 Main Street during the heat of Coronavirus but we've had our fair share of hurdles!

We know that there are quite a few people awaiting our re-opening so as of Monday 29/06/2020 we will be working from two other locations until renovations are completed.

Xavier will be working back at 41 Main Street, Foster.

Laura will be working from Sandy Point Community Centre.

We are back checking the phone regularly, so feel free to make call or message us if you're in need of an appointment.

Lastly, we'll be taking certain measures to try to reduce Covid-19 transmission. We would appreciate that you follow government advice/regulations before deciding to visit our clinic.

Once again, thank you for your patience and we are sorry for keeping those in need waiting.



As of the 23/03/20 we are cancelling all pre-existing future appointments.

This is our attempt to help limit the spread of Coronavirus.

We will remain open with restricted hours, & only see patients in acute or severe pain.

If this is you, then please contact us at 0458653277.

Also, please first see our Coronavirus Policy before trying to make an appointment. Click here for details.

All appointments are now at 86 Main Street, Foster.

We will keep you posted for any updates on changes that we make via facebook and our website.


​Before attending our clinic, please consider the following:

  • If you have a fever, cough sore throat, fatigue, or breathing difficulties, we request you reschedule your appointment to another time.

  • If you have travelled internationally in the last 2 weeks, please adhere to a 14 day isolation period and reschedule your appointment to a date after this time.

  • Regarding people who are most vulnerable to illnesses such as the coronavirus (e.g. elderly), we recommend that they reconsider the necessity for coming into the practice at this time.


We thank you for your support in helping to keep our community safe.



Prom Country Osteo has temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus. For the meantime we will not be taking any appointments & will not be checking the voice messages. Messages will be sent out to existing patients & the community when we reopen. Thank you for understanding & stay safe during this time.


We have 4 updates:​

  1. Coronavirus is something to consider before visiting public places such as health clinics. Please click here for our recommendations/policy.

  2. We are moving our clinic fully to 86 Main Street, Foster - see below for details.

  3. We are changing our prices (they are still far below average for the profession) - for more details click here or head to FAQ.

  4. Our Osteopath Sarah Nugent has left to head back to Melbourne. We are very grateful that she stepped in to help out & did such a great job whilst working down here. We wish her the best of luck for her future ventures.


Goodbye 41 Main St!

As of Monday, March 30th, our clinic will move fully:

From - 41 Main Street, Foster

To - 86 Main Street, Foster


This is between O'Connell Motors & Foster Op Shop - near the BP petrol station. Note that Main Street curves around & isn't straight - if you continue straight then you'll end up on Station Road!


Thank you for the continuous words of encouragement, gifts of food & the like, from our patients and the community which helped us greatly along in this journey. A very large thank you to John & Mohya Davies for welcoming us with open arms 2 years ago.


Renovations to come!

Prom Country Osteo - 15/03/2020

Exciting news.... 86 Main St is now open!


As of January 2020, all osteopathy appointments with Xavier are now at 86 Main Street, Foster.


Appointments with Laura and Sarah will remain at

41 Main Street, Foster.


New treatment room to come!

As many know, we have been fixing up our home at 86 Main street, Foster.

The renovations have been held up by the water table levels (very wet winter) which delayed restumping works. In the meantime, we have managed to work around this hurdle by preparing a new treatment & waiting room. Thanks to Blake Henning and Travis Manne for their skills & work.

We are excited to announce we will be ready to open our second treatment room in 2020.

Xavier will be operating from 86 Main St as of January 6th 2020. Laura and Sarah will continue to operate from 41 Main St for the time being. We will clarify with you if you need to be somewhere different for your appointment.

Take a look at what we've been up to below, the photo's are able to be dragged around & enlarged if you'd like to take a closer look!

Plant nursery.
Xavier with tree.
Water levels too high.
Waiting room partly complete.
Laura with treatment table.
Waxing table.
Toilet and basin
Xavier sanding away.
Anatomy posters.
Laura with hoe.
Garden front left.
New temporary signage.
Ginger coming for a shopping trip.
Garden front right.
Tree removal days.
Books and towels.
Ceiling fan.



Meet osteopath Sarah Nugent.

Perhaps there is an osteo heaven? Sarah walked into our clinic recently and asked if we needed helped... Our prayers have been answered!

Sarah has nearly 6 years of experience working as an osteopath. Just over a month ago, she returned to Australia after working for 2 years in Toronto, Canada. For her full bio head to who we are.


We are very excited to welcome Sarah to the Prom Country Osteo team.

Please help her feel welcome in our lovely community!



After a few months of training/jumping around on playgrounds like kids, we finally got around to completing our first Spartan Race. We thought we'd share some photo's of the experience!

Laura completed what they call the "Super" which was a 13.4km race with 20 obstacles. Xavier was a silly bugger and did all 3 races including a 21km run up Mystic Mountain. He actually really enjoyed the challenge & gives a huge amount credit of being able to actually do all three events on Laura's support.

Next up is a 1.2km swim at Point Leo on Boxing Day. We'll let you know how that goes.

Xavier gymnastic rings
Xavier burpees


Xavier rope climb






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